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Inspection Borescopes & Videoscopes
Anaum.ae’s selection of professional-grade borescopes from Extech covers the spectrum of inspection cameras, from simple camera testers to the industrial grade high definition wireless Extech HD640W. All of Extech’s videoscopes are built to last with rugged construction and high quality picture so you can perform accurate inspections. Many of the models include accessories and attachments for various inspections, including water-proof attachments for pipe inspections.
The Extech BR250 is one of our most popular borescopes, winning the NECA 2009 Showstopper Award for its high quality design and performance. The product features a detachable camera so you can access hard-to-reach areas while holding the camera in your opposite hand to perform the inspection. The detachable camera works up to 30 feet away from the camera, which makes it a great option for technicians that often work in hazardous environments.
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Extech BR80: Video Borescope Inspection Camera
List Price: AED 495.00
In Stock
Extech BR150: Video Borescope Inspection Camera
List Price: AED 695.00
(Out of Stock)
Extech BR50: Video Borescope/Camera Tester
List Price: AED 725.00
In Stock
Extech HDV620: HD VideoScope with 5.8mm Semi-Rigid Probe
List Price: AED 7,600.00
(Out of Stock)
FLIR VS70-1 : Videoscope
List Price: AED 9,370.00
In Stock