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PCE-BTM 2000 : Belt Tension Meter


Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-BTM 2000

Warranty: 1 Year

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Price : 2,419.00 AED (Including VAT)
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The range of applications of the belt tension measuring device is large. With its help, for example, large motor-shaft combinations, conveyor systems, hoists, elevators, automotive industry or agricultural machines can be checked.

Belt tension measurement is always required when machines and systems are to be optimally maintained. The belt frequency meter from PCE Instruments can be used to determine the belt tension of both toothed belts and V-belts. Belt tension is an important parameter when it goes about installing, setting up, maintaining and repairing belt drives. Therefore, the belt tension should be checked regularly over the entire running time with the compact belt tension measuring device and adjusted, if necessary. The maximum service life of all the machine components can only be provided through the regular application of the pre-tension measuring device. Belt tension that is too high or too low can cause damage. Regular checks can significantly reduce the follow-up costs after the unplanned downtimes caused by the bearing damage or defective belts. The use of the belt tension measuring device is therefore suitable for applications in the field of motor technology, industrial production, for stepper motors, in tool and machine construction or in the area of ​​maintenance and repair. In order to ensure a long service life and high performance of the devices, machines and systems, it is important to regularly measure the belt tension of the drive belts.

In addition to the belt frequency meter, PCE Instruments offers the gooseneck sensor PCE-BTM 2000 SHL. The sensor has a long gooseneck and a spiral cable which allows application on the measuring points that are difficult to reach in the built-in systems.

The replacement sensor with the short gooseneck PCE-BTM 2000 SHS can be easily attached (screwed) to the PCE-BTM 2000 measuring device. Due to the flexible sensor neck, the problem with difficult to reach measuring points can be solved.

 - Measurement of the oscillation frequency of the drive belt
 - Intuitive controls
 - Calculation of the tension force
 - Display of the belt tension in N
 - 6 menu languages
 - Memory for 750 measured values
 - Sensor on gooseneck
 - Input of belt length and belt mass