Condtrol 24X : Optical Level

SKU: 1500-16:CT23038

Manufacture: Condtrol

Model No: 24X

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status: out of stock

VAT: 22.50 AED ( 5% Applicable to UAE Customer )

Thanks to the pendulum system with magnetic damping, the working range of the compensator of 24X CONDTROL comes up to ±15'. Therefore, the level ensures taking fast and precise measurements, with the standard deviation of 2 mm per 1 km double-run levelling. The device features a 24x zoom and multi-coated optics for easier targeting and clear visibility. Besides, 24X CONDTROL is equipped with a horizontal limb with 1° increment, accurate tangent screw, and optical view finder with a pointer for convenient targeting.

Delivery package:

Optical level 24X CONDTROL
Calibration tools
User manual
Carrying case