Condtrol MX2 Set : Laser Level Set

SKU: 1500-16:CT12086

Manufacture: Condtrol

Model No: MX2 Set

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status: Instock

VAT: 19.00 AED ( 5% Applicable to UAE Customer )

MX2 CONDTROL is the second generation of the MicroX cross line laser, patented by CONDTROL. MX2 has five new features:
  • - Improved pendulum damper for faster self-leveling support
  • - Internal pendulum damper for the increased shock resistance
  • - Increased laser power for longer working range
  • - 5 operating modes, including laser receiver mode
  • - Built-in beeper for switch signals and out of level alarm
A distinguishing feature of the new compact MX2 CONDTROL Laser liner is its high quality and a variety of different mounting options.
Condtrol original clip allows to mount instrument to the ceiling or dry wall profile (for example, when installing a suspended ceiling), mounting screw hole for MX2 provides direct fixation on a wall and the slot in cross line laser’s body and the clamp supplied with the kit allow to mount laser liner on a vertical beam or profile (a column or rack). Also can be conveniently mounted on a tripod 1/4” and 5/8” .

Package includes:
The extended MX2 comes with a tripod 1/4 “, glasses, carrying case, mounting belt, ceiling target, 5/8’’ to 1/4’’ screw adapter, power supplies and user manual.