DeltaTrak 31010: FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger

SKU: 1500-24:DT31010

Manufacture: DeltaTrak

Model No: 31010

Stock Status: Instock

VAT: 3.50 AED ( 5% Applicable to UAE Customer )

Our next generation plug-and-play logger has the added benefit of Shadow Log® technology, guaranteeing that receivers always get trip data, even if a shipper forgets to start the unit. This compact, single-use temperature recorder has a built-in USB connector and on-board software, making it ideal for export shipments.

Receivers across the globe can quickly and easily download recorded trip history without special reading devices or installing software. PDF and CSV reports are automatically generated with both °F and °C scales, including a graph, summary analytics and tabular data. Files are conveniently shared, printed and saved from a PC, tablet or smart phone with adapter and compatible Adobe Reader application.

One model is suitable for domestic routes and import/export operations, for all modes of transportation: air, truck, rail or ocean container. Shippers simplify logger inventory management without having to stock multiple models of various logging durations. Recorded data is scaled to fit a graph on a one-page PDF report, which means shorter logging periods are shown with high resolution as a full graph.

● Compact, single-use temperature logger
● Shadow Log® guarantees trip data
● One model for any trip duration, up to 85 days
● No software required to download reports
● Built-in USB connector, no special reading device
● PDF and CSV reports in both °F and °C scales
● Recorded data automatically scales to fit full graph
● Save and share files from PC or tablet

Applications: Export shipments