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Emerson GO Real-Time Flex Tracker -Needle Probe

Brand: Emerson

Model No: GO Real-Time Flex

Order Code: 1500-19:FX2-PP01

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 390.00 AED (Including VAT)

The GO Real-Time Flex Tracker delivers timely monitoring of perishable goods in transit. Both ambient and probe temperature tracking help ensure the freshest possible deliveries and an on board humidity sensor allows for further environmental control. The GO Real-Time Flex Trackers provide peace of mind with built in location tracking and light sensing, helping ensure safe and high-quality shipments.

  Measures both ambient and pulp temperature
  Humidity monitoring
  Real-time alerts via text and email
  Automated/scheduled cloud reporting via Oversight
  Oversight Mobile app (iOS and Android compatable) interface
  Authenticated and unauthenticated user access

  Cable Length:1.5 m (5 ft)
  Probe Length:150mm  (5.9 in)
  Temperature Range : -30 to 110°C
  Temperature Accuracy:
    +/- 0.125° C typical at 25° C
    +/- 0.26° C max -30 to 110° C
  Recording Options : Multi-use
  Communication Method : Cellular
  In-use Life : Up to 60+ Days
  Memory : 60+ days of operation with 60-minute location and temperature measurements