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Emerson GO Real-Time 2G/3G XL Tracker

Brand: Emerson

Model No: GO Real-Time 2G/3G

Order Code: 1500-19:TX3-TL00

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 350.00 AED (Including VAT)

Temperature, location and security with dual-mode 2G/3G coverage

Global Visibility and Protection for Extended Shipments Extended battery life provides full coverage for your products on the road, in the port and out on the water. When your ship leaves port,the GO Real-Time XL keeps track of the temperature. Every time the ship nears port, the unit automatically connects and uploads data before the ship reaches the docks. And now, with our dual-mode2G/3G cellular technology, connectivity and access to your data is further enhanced. Rest assured that visibility to temperature and location data will be available despite the ongoing transition in the cellular technology industry.The GO Real-Time XL 2G/3G Tracker senses light when doors are opened and alerts you when your products are at risk on the road.

  Extended battery life to cover international shipments
  Protect your product in-transit and ensure door security
  Global visibility with email/text alerts
  Recycle with GO GreenSense™
  Access to temperature reports before final delivery
  Dual-mode 2G/3G cellular technology
  Authenticated and unauthenticated user access

●  Recording Options: Multi-use 
●  Communication Method : Cellular
●  In-use Life : Dual-mode up to 75 days operation with 60-minute location and temperature conditions
●  Backup Memory : Up to 30 days operation of continuous 60-minute temperature measurements when out of range