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Fluke 80PK-1: Bead Probe (Type K)

SKU 1500-06:FL80PK-1

Brand: Fluke

Model No: 80PK-1

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Price : 130.00 AED (Including VAT)
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Type :     K Special Grade (Chromel vs Alumel)
Measurement Range :  -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C) continuous
Accuracy (with respect to NBS tables for Special Grade) :   ±2.0°F (1.1°C) over the range of 32 to 500°F (0 to 260°C)
Typically within 2.0°F (1.1°C) of NBS Tables over the range of -40 to 32°F (-40 to 0°C)
Output :  77°F (25°C) = 1.00mV (reference junction at 0°C)