iPin Spatial Ruler Pro

SKU: 1500-02:iPin-101

Manufacture: iPin

Model No: iPin Spatial Ruler Pro

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iPin Spatial Ruler Pro demonstrates a breakthrough in laser rangefinder technology. Replacing traditional measuring methods for a more user-friendly approach, this powerful tool leverages your smartphone camera and precision laser technology to create an augmented reality space that visualizes and effectively manages the measuring process.

Designed to be simpler and more durable than traditional handheld laser rangefinders, the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro’s compact size and ergonomic design allows for more stable and accurate measurements. Equipped with a large OLED panel for clear displays, the device also uses an amber red laser that is safe and more visible.

Pair the device with our exclusive iPin Ruler smartphone app via Bluetooth access a wide range of extended functions, such as Project Logs, Camera-Assisted Measuring, Drag-and-Drop Visual Notes. Basic functionalities such as length, area, and indirect measurements are also available.

You can create and name a project folder, include project date, location and other information. Instead of transcribing the measurements from your laser measuring device to paper, then from paper to floor plans, the iPin Ruler Pro app automatically creates a log of your measurements. You can delete individual measurements, perform calculations, and include photos from your smartphone. You can also drag-and-drop measured values and text onto the photos to keep your measurements organized. When you’re finished, you can share the project folder including your measurements, images and notes via email, Whatsapp, and other communication apps.

With the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro, capture any space intelligently, streamline your workflow, and measure with unparalleled efficiency.