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JBC CD-2SQF Compact Series Soldering Station - 230V


Brand: JBC

Model No: CD-2SQF

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock


Price : 2,200.00 AED (Including VAT)
High end soldering station of the JBC Compact Line for professional SMD soldering jobs. The JBC CD-S is equipped with a Precision Soldering Handle. The ergonomics, the very thin and flexible cable and the short distance tip-to-grip of the T210-A handle ensure greater accuracy and is ideal for delicate SMD soldering jobs.

The F - Version provides a fast and easy configuration of the station thanks to the 7-key keypad, a cartridge holder to store up to four cartridges, as well as cartridge extractor and cable collector and connectivity to JBC fume extractor (connector RJ12).

Innovative Heating System
The compact heating elements in the cartridges optimize heat transfer by reducing the thermal barriers. The fully integrated thermal sensor to the heater ensures an extremely quick temperature recovery. The JBC CD-2SQF increases the performance by using an intelligent algorithm in the heating control system.

JBC, the most efficient soldering process
Instead of other Soldering Manufactures, JBC CD-2SQF allows a reduction of the temperature by at least 50ºC. JBC CD-2SQF stations only drop 35ºC (95ºF) where others drop as much as 70ºC (158ºF). Lowering the temperature reduces the risk of damaging components and improves the quality of soldering and desoldering.

JBC Sleep & Hibernation
The Sleep function automatically reduces tip temperature to 180ºC when the iron is resting in the stand. The JBC CD-2SQF automatically goes into Hibernation when the set time in Sleep mode is finished. The power supply is cut off and tip keeps at room temperature. The tool must be in the stand for the Sleep & Hibernation functions to work.

Longer Tip life
Tip life increases exponentially by using a lower tempearture for a shorter time, as shown in the graph. JBC tips last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to the Exclusive Heating System and the Intelligent Heat Management: Sleep & Hibernation functions.

Increased Productivity
Save time by using the quick cartridge extractor, which is available in all stands and compact stations. This system designed by JBC allows the user to change cartridges quickly and safely. Without switching the JBC CD-2SQF off, you can carry out different soldering jobs.

PC communication and firmware updates via USB
All JBC CD-2SQF soldering stations have a USB connector. The devices can be controlled by the JBC Open Manager software and for example temperature gradients can be recorded. With the JBC Updater Software, Firmware updates can be transferred into the device. This keeps your soldering station also in the future up to date.