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PCE-670 : Laser Infrared Thermometer

SKU 1500-30:PCE-670

Manufacture: PCE

Model No: PCE-670

Warranty: 1 Year

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Price : 175.00 AED (Including VAT)
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Mini handheld thermometer with large measuring range -33 ... 500°C (-27.4 ... 932°F) / 9: 1 measuring spot ratio / Display in °C and °F / Circular laser / Display

Simple, handy handheld thermometer for non-contact measurement of surface temperature. The handheld thermometer has a display of the current temperature during the measurement. Within one second you get the surface temperature - the non-contact measuring method even from hot, dangerous or difficult to reach objects. The applications are virtually unlimited. Thus, this handheld thermometer can be used in the control of heating and air conditioning systems, underfloor heating, for detecting hot spots on electrical systems, etc. The emission value of this handheld thermometer is set to 0.95 and thus covers 90% of all temperature measurement tasks.

For better viewing of the measuring surface the hand thermometer has a circular laser. This increases and decreases analogously to the distance of the surface. The handheld thermometer is powered by only one 1.5V AA battery. Thus, the hand thermometer is able to operate up to 30h.

●  IR temperature measuring range of -33 ... 500°C / -27.4 ... 932°F
●  Measured value display optionally in °C or °F
●  Automatic shutdown
●  Display of the current and maximum temperature
●  last measurement is retained for 2 seconds
●  Measurement spot ratio 9: 1
●  Easy to handle
●  Incl. battery and manual