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Scarlet TWL-1S : Heat Stress Detector

SKU PS-005

Brand: Scarlet

Model No: TWL-1S

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock


Price : 3,266.00 AED (Including VAT)

Dash Board: Meters were supposed to sense the targets and give readings. Scarlet intens to do more. TWL theory determines the threshold for safe, fair, and dangerous working environment. Colorful LCD backlight tells you the risk level based on the TWL value. Work-rest schedule and fluid intake are integrated into the display. A countdown timer shows the time remaining before a recommended rest.

Warning (TWL-1SR Model only) : The working timer starts counting according to TWL value. When it expired, the device will notify the pager carriers remotely. It reminds you to take actions. 433 MHz technology is used to offer better penetration ability and 200 meter coverage in an open area is achieved.

Cup anemometer
captures winds from any direction. You do not have to manually decide the wind direction before measuring the wind speed. Compared to the impeller, wind cup is not restricted to the direction of the wind. It considers all the horizontal components of winds that move the anemometer. A silicone pad covers the top of the bearing to prevent it from dust accumulation.

Data Logger : TWL-1S can record data with configurable sampling rate. PC side software helps download the data for further analysis using other analytical tools, and it also synchronizes the date and time of the device with PC.

Optimised Globe: TWL theory considers Mean Radiant Temperature (MRT), the most important parameter governing human energy balance. MRT can be derived from globe temperature (GT) measured by the black-bulb thermometer. The smaller the surface area of the black bulb, the greater the effect of the air temperature and air velocity is, thus causing inaccuracy of the calculation of MRT. Therefore, it needs a modifying formula to adjust it to the standard globe bulb with a diameter of 15 cm. The 7.5 cm globe bulb is the optimal size for a portable based on our research and experiments.

Sensor Protection : Delicate temperature and humidity sensor are well protected by a replaceable polypropylene (PP) filter in a solid shield, exempted the sensors from dust damage and external strike. A silicone pad protects the mechanism of anemometer from dust.


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