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Siglent SHS820: 200MHz Handheld Oscilloscope

SKU 1500-14:SHS820

Brand: Siglent

Model No: SHS820

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock


Price : 2,510.00 AED (Including VAT)

The SHS800-series handheld oscilloscopes provide the user with an oscilloscope, multimeter, and recorder (including trends and waveform recorder) functions all in one package. It inherits the SHS1000 series stable performance and high performance along with the flexibility to use on a workbench or in the field.

Key Features

High-performance oscilloscope

●  Bandwidths: 60 MHz, 100 MHz, 150 MHz, 200 MHz; Memory depth: 2 Mpts
●  Real-time sampling rate: 1 GSa/s; Equivalent sampling rate: 50 GSa/s

Data recorder function
●  7M internal storage, up to18 hours recording time
●  USB port, up to 3000 hours recording time
●  Record, replay and zoom functions supported

High precision multimeter
●  6000 count display
●  Accurate measurement of DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI
●  Accurate measurement of Resistance, Diode, Capacitance, Continuity

Trend plot
●  32 measurement trend plot analyzer
●  Scope: 800k points capacity, more than 24 hours recording time
●  Meter: 1.2M points capacity 9320 hours recording time at 0.05Sa/s