Testo 922 : Dual Channel Digital Thermometer

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Manufacture: Testo

Model No: 922

Warranty: 1 Year

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With this set for the sectors of heating engineering, sanitation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, you will be ready to begin work straight away. With its two connectable probes, the 2-channel testo 922 temperature measuring instrument measures temperatures in parallel and can determine the differential temperature in a matter of seconds. Once the measurement is complete, you can safely store your equipment in the handy bag supplied.

HVAC/R set including testo 922 temperature measuring instrument – key benefits
The testo 922 temperature measuring instrument is ideal for measuring differential temperature in the sanitary and HVAC/R sector:
● Two temperature probes TC type K can be connected to the measuring instrument (two surface temperature probes with Velcro are already included in the set)
● Connection of another optional temperature probe possible via radio transmission
● Display of temperature values and differential temperature
● Hold button to retain the readings
● Continuous display of min. and max. values
● Illuminated display
The temperature probe with Velcro enables you to measure the surface temperature of pipes, e.g. heating pipes:
● The temperature probe with Velcro is ideal for pipes with pipe diameters of up to 120 mm. The thermocouple sensor for measuring temperature is attached to a 20 mm wide, 395 mm long strip
● The Velcro fastener on this strip allows the temperature probe to be attached quickly and easily
● The temperature probe features a 1.5 m cable
● Measuring range -50 °C to +120 °C, accuracy ± 1.5 °C
● Response time t99 90 sec - for optimum heat transfer between surface probe and measurement object, we recommend using our optional silicone thermal conductive paste
Handy bag for temperature measuring instrument and probes:
● Flat case design with zip fastener and rounded, solid edges
● For safely storing measuring instrument and probes
● The bag is easy to open, the measuring equipment is easy to take out, practical for everyday use
Equipment Includes:
● testo 922 temperature measuring instrument including batteries and calibration protocol
● Two temperature probes with Velcro for surface measurements on pipes (item no. 0628 0020)
● Handy bag