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Extech Vibration Meters and Analyzers

Accurately measuring vibrations during maintenance, manufacturing, and production is crucial to the safety and performance of your equipment. We carry a range of vibration test equipment from Extech such as the VB300, a simple datalogging vibration meter with USB plug, to the four-channel VB500 which can simultaneously take measurements from four separate vibration sensors. Many of these Extech vibration meters also feature alarms as an added safety benefit. If vibrations go above a designated threshold, the alarm will sound notifying you of an issue. Extech vibration meters take into account a few metrics, including vibration velocity, acceleration, and displacement, all with accuracy backed by their high standards for calibration.
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Extech VB300: 3-Axis Vibration Datalogger
List Price: AED 800.00
In Stock
Extech VB400: Pen Vibration Meter
List Price: AED 2,200.00
In Stock
Besantek BST-VM04: Vibration Meter Data Logger
List Price: AED 2,250.00
In Stock
Extech VB450: Vibration Meter with Remote Sensor
List Price: AED 2,280.00
In Stock
Extech 407860: Heavy Duty Vibration Meter
List Price: AED 3,330.00
In Stock
Extech SDL800: Vibration Meter/Datalogger
List Price: AED 3,990.00
In Stock
Fluke 805: Vibration Meter
List Price: AED 7,850.00
(Out of Stock)
Extech VB500: 4-Channel Vibration Meter/Datalogger
List Price: AED 14,820.00
(Out of Stock)
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